Hi, I'm Meredith. 

I'm a big advocate of using food as medicine and nothing lights me up more than supporting women, witnessing their transformation, and watching them shatter their glass ceiling.

 It wasn't too long back that i was looking for a reinvention and personal transformation myself.  

I'd spent years working in wellness and on paper I looked successful, but in reality i was struggling in my own body and my career.  Despite all of my health credentials and certifications, the years i'd spent teaching yoga, leading retreats, detox and nutrition courses, by my mid 30's I was stuck, plateaued, and itching for new growth and a personal transformation. 

I'd been spinning my wheels with an abundance of wellness jobs all to keep my head above water which were getting me nowhere except for more overworked, underpaid, endlessly exhausted, and ironically less 'well'. I was ready to break free and pour all of my energy into improving myself, my mindset, and my physique.  My goal then was to find a nutrition and fitness solution that actually worked longterm, so that i could confidently put together a program for women like me, to ensure we didn't have to struggle anymore. 

What I visualized then has now become MfitAndHealth:  My health coaching program and partnered member site with high production value streamable fitness classes, simple to follow and delicious dietician written meal plans, nutritional courses on portions, macros, and a positive mindset around food, and high quality supplements myself and my clients can rely on.  
When i partnered with BODi the vision i had for my business and my own health and physique became a reality.  Linking arms with the world's best fitness provider gave me the tools to transform myself, resources to share with others, and the results i personally needed to shift my fitness and health, so that i could confidently launch my coaching career with a well rounded, effective program, proven and guaranteed to work.  

With 16 years of working in wellness and 9 years owning a thriving coaching business under my belt, plus having personally coached and mentored hundreds of women to have incredible transformations with their fitness and their coaching career, I'm proud to say our health advocate team is over 6500 coaches strong spanning US, UK, and Canada and we've been recognized 8 times over as an ELITE top 100 team. 

Because i want other women to experience the same success and joy i've had finding optimal health, my best physique and building a business i love, I offer a range of services from personal and group nutrition and fitness accountability coaching, as well as my coach academy and mentorship program to help women like me who want to launch an online career in health, so you have the absolute best trainings, support and tools you need to build the body and business you love. 

I'm so excited to meet you!

I was put on this earth and given the struggles i've lived through to help women, like you, fall in love with your body, build the business of  your dreams, and become the version of  yourself  you've always desired to be. 

You're so deserving of everything you want.  I can't wait to help you get it.

almond butter




red wine

peanut butter



salty + sweet






Fun Fact:

Get to know me

Choose one:

Coffee or Tea

I once swam with a crocodile in a cenote in Tulum.  Let's just say i won't be doing that again!

Game time.

cold brew or an americano, but if i'm having tea 99% of the time it's mint tea!


I once swam with a crocodile in a cenote in Tulum.  Let's just say i'll never do that again!

Choose one:

Morning or Night

I once sang on an animated internationally recognized Coca-cola ad campaign...and i can't sing! I think i was the chipmunk's voice. :)

natural early riser over here! 
 wake an hour earlier to live an hour more.


I once sang on an animated internationally recognized Coca-cola ad campaign...and i can't sing!  I think i was the chipmunk's voice.  :)

Choose one:

Voice Message or Text

I'm obsessed with sloths and pugs!

9 out of 10 times i'll audio you! 
but i suppose text is good too  ;)


I'm obsessed with sloths and pugs!

9 out of 10 times I'll audio you! 
but i suppose text is good too ;) 

Choose one:

Mountains or Tropics

 i only swim in water i can see in!

when i'm not at home, you can usually find me under a palm tree.  


I only swim in water i can see in.