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It wasn't too long back that i was looking for a reinvention and personal transformation myself.  

I felt like i had what I needed to succeed. I did the nutrition certifications, was teaching yoga and retreats, had a wellness blog, and taught local wellness courses, but i was still struggling and looking for a solution...

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"It was the best investment I have ever made.
She's incredible!"  ~Sonia Rose


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In your initial one on one call I'll help you get set up for success.  You'll be plugged into our fitness and nutrition resources, meal plans, and I'll answer your questions about nutrition, get you dialed into the right plan for you, and help you build an action plan for success. 

We'll be working together in our online Sweat Collective Accountability Studio daily, where you'll be working with me and other women who are also on their journey with you.  Once you're enrolled we decide together the best formula for your unique needs for how often we'll have touch points and calls.  I'm always here for you, and always a message away!  Cost is dependent on package you choose.  Comprehensive program packages start at $199 USD

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"This Facebook Membership Community is so beyond words, it brings incredible value!"  ~Talise Trevigne



Our online Sweat Collective Accountability Studio and community is where the magic happens.  Starting a new journey is easy, staying the course without support is hard.  Our accountability, support, and coached community is the cornerstone to your commitment to change.  Be prepared to meet women who will become your best friends, keep you inspired, motivated, and having fun with fitness.  

Get daily support and encouragement from me and the team, plus get excited for new monthly challenges,  delicious and simple meal plans, food prep tools, and so much more! 

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Working with Meredith not only changed my body, it changed my life and career.

As a CrossFit Coach and Personal Trainer, I still struggled with nutrition and personal accountability.

Within the first 3 weeks of working with Meredith, my body was transforming and my relationship with food was changed forever.  Her tools are effective and so easy to use.  It made me realize that it didn't have to be as hard as everyone in the fitness industry made it seem.

I took the blueprint and mentorship Meredith gave me to build my coaching business, followed the trainings, and dove into the community.  I now have a successful and fun coaching career that's mobile and has provided me freedom to travel.  I'm literally living the dream i had set out for myself just 3 years back.  

~Courtney Burton

Since working with Meredith I've lost 34lbs and am now coaching other women to live their healthiest life too.

I met Meredith when I was struggling with my postpartum weight and not feeling confident in my skin. I used both the meal plans and fitness she provided, along with her coaching, and leaned into the Sweat & Soul Community. The community has been an amazing support system for me, provides daily accountability, inspiration, and information on nutrition. 

I enrolled in her coach training program and in just the past few months, I've already helped my first 9 clients.  I'm excited to continue to help more women feel their absolute best and reach their goals too.  

Meredith is incredibly caring and compassionate and takes time to understand your needs.  Her coaching has helped me breakdown walls, push past plateaus and barriers, and is helping me to unlock my fullest potential.  Now as a coach i'm able to pay that experience and feeling forward and help other women do the same.

~Lucy Melloway